ATMS Production, LLC (All Tipes & MindSol)
Two song writers and hip hop recording artist, one from PA.(All Tipes) and (MindSol) from NJ. The two met in South Carolina in 2005 at the time where MindSol was residing. They saw a demand and need for music production within their location. This led the two to make their transition into music production mode, which soon after, ATMS Production was born. Together as a team, All Tipes and Mindsol decided to expand  their production by producing their 1st catalog of beats containing over a 100+beats. Today "2017" they have successfully put a fine tune self release title/subtitle "30TypeBeats/Bottom To Top Vol 1". ATMS Production, LLC mission is to gain exposure, and have their music placed in films/movies, television, video game developing and for all music industry professionals.

Welcome To ATMS Production, LLC

Beats Supplied By-ATMS Production, LLC
(All Tipes & MindSol)

Beats Supplied By-ATMS Production, LLC (All Tipes & MindSol)

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